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Key Considerations When Hiring Offshore Developers in Vietnam


Our expert insights will help you navigate the complexities of hiring offshore developers with confidence. And learn how to establish trust and transparency within your remote development team, and ensure that your vision and goals remain in sync.

It can be said that developers play an extremely important role in the software production process. The trend of increasing demand for talent to support software production in outsourcing countries is on the rise. So, what factors are businesses considering when choosing to hire offshore developers abroad?

I. Is hiring offshore developers really effective?

Software development outsourcing is an activity that has been around for a long time in the IT industry. It allows businesses of all sizes to attract young and talented developers from all over the world.

When businesses have outsourcing needs, they mostly rely on the results of the project to see if it meets their expectations. Understanding this insight, countries with outsourcing models not only focus on the quantity of supply but also evaluate the experienced workforce, skills, and adaptability to new working models.

Furthermore, offshore software development also helps businesses attract a large number of suitable software developers who are highly skilled, motivated, and adaptable to new environments.

II. How to hire offshore developers for your project

Before deciding to build an offshore developers team, you need to determine whether you will need a few developers for short-term work for an existing team or if you need to hire a new team for a long-term project of over 6 months. Typically, when hiring software developers, you will need to calculate the number of people and how long they will work on your project. Then, you will start considering the following factors:

  • Budget Setting: Before making an outsourcing decision, you need to create a specific budget for this operation to choose an outsourcing location that suits your budget.
  • Location Research: Choosing a country or region for hiring offshore development is also crucial. Each country has a different cost of living, and the cost of living reflects the expenses when you choose offshore developers there. Additionally, geographical distance, time, and culture should also be considered, especially considering countries that are well-known in the software development outsourcing field because they are flexible and accustomed to working with multinational clients.
  • Determine Collaboration Model: Each outsourcing company may have different collaboration models. Most of them have Time and materials (T&M), Fixed Pricing, or Offshore Development Center (ODC) models.


How to hire offshore developers for your project


  • Candidate Selection Criteria Offshore Developers: Your project will have different requirements for skills and knowledge, so have a job description (JD) ready to make informed decisions.
  • Check the Company's Reliability and Expertise: Whether you work with freelancers, SMEs, or even large companies, you should check the company through small meetings, and office visits, and ask questions about their processes, techniques, etc., before cooperating.
  • Contract Signing: After completing the above steps, if everything is fine, you can sign the contract and meet with the remote team to work on your project.

III. Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Offshore Developers in Vietnam

Choosing to hire offshore developers in Vietnam can offer several advantages for businesses looking to expand their development teams or complete specific projects. Here are some factors you might consider when hiring offshore developers in Vietnam:

  • Cost Efficiency: Vietnam is known for its competitive labor costs compared to many Western countries. You can often find highly skilled developers at a fraction of the cost, which can significantly reduce your project expenses.
  • Skilled Workforce: Vietnam has a growing pool of talented software developers who are well-versed in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Many developers in Vietnam have experience working on international projects.
  • Quality of Work: Vietnamese developers are recognized for their dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality work. They often take pride in their craftsmanship.
  • English Proficiency: English is commonly taught in schools and universities in Vietnam, and many developers have good English communication skills. This facilitates effective collaboration and reduces language barriers.


Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Offshore Developers in Vietnam


  • Time Zone Compatibility: Vietnam's time zone (GMT+7) can align well with the working hours of many countries in Europe and Asia, making it easier to have real-time communication and coordination.
  • Proximity to Asia-Pacific Markets: If your target market or client base includes the Asia-Pacific region, having developers in Vietnam can provide insights and cultural familiarity that can be beneficial for your projects.
  • Government Support: The Vietnamese government has been supportive of the IT industry's growth, offering various incentives and policies to attract foreign investment and promote technology development.
  • Time-to-Market: Access to a skilled and cost-effective development team can help you bring your products or projects to market faster, allowing you to stay competitive in your industry.

IV. Aegona Software Development Outsourcing Company - Providing Offshore Developers Service

As an IT service, web, mobile, and software development company, Aegona, with more than 50+ successful projects and 100% client satisfaction, is striving to bring the best value to them. At Aegona, the cost of hiring offshore developers ranges from $12 to $18 per hour, depending on the level you require.


Aegona Software Development Outsourcing Company - Providing Offshore Developers Service


Our software development team's capabilities include:

  • Software Development: Microsoft Stack (.NET, .NET Core), MEAN Stack, PHP, Python, TFS, Git, Agile, and more.
  • Web Development: Graphic Design, HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, Angular, Node.js, ReactJS, VueJS.
  • Mobile Development: Native Application (iOS, Android, Windows), Hybrid Application (React Native, Xamarin).
  • Cloud-Based Development: Azure Cloud, Amazon Cloud AWS, Google Cloud.
  • CMS, eCommerce, and more: WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Umbraco CMS, .Net OrchardCMS, Magento eCommerce, nopCommerce, Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger.
  • ERP solution open-source: Odoo, Inventree


If your business needs to explore hiring offshore developers services, this article has provided you with a better understanding of the software outsourcing field in Vietnam. If your project also needs a perfect partner to help you build up a dedicated developers team, please email [email protected] or visit Aegona headquarters to learn more about our team and working style.

Contact Aegona's team easily:

- Email: [email protected]

- Hotline: +84 914 528 869 (Whatsapp)

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