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The company offers best IT employees skilled in .Net, Node.js,... in Vietnam


Aegona is a leading company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam providing skilled IT employees proficient in .Net, Node.js, and other programming languages. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing optimal solutions and meeting all your needs.


Aegona - Your Reliable Partner for Software Development


When it comes to software development, businesses often look for outsourcing companies that meet certain criteria, such as experienced and skilled programmers, cost-effective human resources, optimized operating procedures, and up-to-date technology trends. We understand that programmers are very important to the success of a business, that's why we are always looking for and training talented and enthusiastic employees to meet the needs of our customers.




Our staff is equipped with SCRUM knowledge and certifications, and an understanding of Agile development principles. They also have knowledge and experience in using different programming languages and tools like Visual Studio, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, Roslyn, Xamarin, etc.


Our team of . developers at Aegona consists of dedicated and professional individuals, ready to provide the best solutions to save you money. In addition, our management team has more than 15 years of experience working with domestic and foreign partners such as Japan, Europe, Australia... They can also communicate in English and Japanese.


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Flexible and professional operating model


Aegona offers a variety of flexible and professional collaboration models to meet your business needs, including:


Offshore Development Center:


Our Offshore Development Center assists businesses in reducing software development costs while improving efficiency. Our talented leadership team remotely manages software development projects, which are executed by a group of highly qualified and experienced software engineers.


Project-based Model:


This model is a project management methodology that involves organizing work into individual projects and delegating them to independent working groups provided by Aegona.


Time and Material:


This is a costing method based on the time and materials used during project implementation. Under this method, the client will pay for the hours worked by the employees and for the metrics used during the execution of the project.

Work processes are optimized and absolute safety is guaranteed.


Aegona manufacturing and outsourcing process


Our manufacturing and outsourcing process involves several steps, including

1. Consulting and perfecting customers' ideas

2. Research and approach the latest technology

3. Offer the most suitable solution

4. Product deployment, stable testing

5. Maintenance and upgrading to meet new requirements of customers.


At Aegona, we are committed to providing our clients with highly qualified candidates with rich experience and skills. Our team of professional consultants will assist you in finding and selecting the staff that best suits your requirements. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction with our services.


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If you are looking for a partner to skilled IT employees proficient in .Net, Node.js,..., please contact us for advice and support. We are here to accompany you on the path of growth and success.




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