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AWS for Software Companies Day - Unleash AWS Cloud's Potential

Participating in the AWS for Software Companies Day, Aegona enhances expertise, stays updated on modern application development trends, and connects with fellow software developers based in HCM.

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Aegona is a mobile app development company in Vietnam with experience in developing software for mobile devices for clients in many countries worldwide, including Australia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, the United States, and more

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Microsoft .Net 5, ReactJS & React Native (iOS & Android)

Key Considerations When Hiring Offshore Developers in Vietnam

Our expert insights will help you navigate the complexities of hiring offshore developers with confidence and know how to establish trust and transparency.


Aegona is a leading cross-platform app developers in Vietnam with a great tech talent pool and that offers it services at rates lower than in your country of residence.


If you are interested and want to invest in technology, especially mobile app development then this article will suggest you to know one must choose the right mobile app idea to invest in 2022

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