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Manage candidate profiles effectively with recruitment software


Optimize your hiring process efficiently with recruitment software. Streamline candidate profile management and selection seamlessly. Discover how to manage candidates effectively to build your dream team.

1. What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software is applications or technology used to manage an organization's recruitment and staffing processes. These software often provide tools for advertising job positions, collecting candidate profiles, managing candidates' personal information, scheduling interviews, performing assessments, background checks, etc, and monitoring the recruitment process.

Recruitment technology can include automation features such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), data analytics tools to optimize the recruitment process, as well as intelligence integration Artificial intelligence (AI) to classify and evaluate candidate profiles.

Recruitment software helps organizations save time and optimize the process of finding, selecting, and hiring new people, thereby improving the performance and quality of the workforce.



2. What is a candidate profile management system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a system used to manage candidate profiles and automate the recruitment process for businesses. Outstanding functions include collecting, organizing, and storing job applicants' records.

By digitizing recruitment activities in this way, ATS helps save employers significant time and budget. As a result, many companies are using ATS to streamline their hiring process.


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3. Challenges arise for businesses that do not use ATS

Recruitment staff needs to be increased to process large numbers of applications, especially in complex organizational structures or larger corporations.

Increased costs to maintain an extensive recruiting department.

Difficulty in improving work efficiency due to the complexity of the recruitment process when having to process a large number of applications.

Spend considerable time screening and evaluating resumes to find candidates who fit the job requirements.

Missing out on contact with the most promising candidates due to long waiting times.

Additional resources are required to store applicants' resumes (both soft and hard copies) while facing the risk of lost or missing data.

Currently, ATS software is the key to solving these problems for employers. Instead of having to deal with piles of resumes or overflowing email inboxes, businesses can organize work effectively by using ATS recruitment management software.



4. How does a candidate profile management system help businesses?

4.1. Improve productivity for the recruitment department

With automated candidate information management technology, recruiters can organize all processes on a single admin page. There's no need to do manual work like collecting CVs, entering data, or initial resume screening.

The recruiting department can delegate systematic and large-scale tasks to the ATS. This allows them to focus more on impactful activities such as employer branding. Thanks to that, the recruitment department's labor productivity increases, bringing better efficiency than manual work.

4.2. Reduce recruitment costs

Increased recruitment and slow recruitment processes are top cost factors for businesses. Investing in an ATS will significantly optimize your recruitment investment budget.

With fewer employees, businesses can effectively operate their recruitment department. When an ATS aids in candidate screening, early candidate selection leads to faster hiring, allowing overall business operations to move forward without disruption.

4.3. Enhance candidate experience

Slow response times for candidates after receiving their applications negatively impact their experience. No job seeker wants to wait weeks or months for an interview opportunity. They may choose an offer from another entity.

However, with professional ATS candidate profile management technology, your business can speed up the recruitment process. No candidate should have to wait too long for an interview. Furthermore, no candidate gets lost in a pile of applications received from many different sources.

4.4 Enhance recruitment brand

In an era where businesses compete to build recruitment brands to attract dynamic and talented candidates, using an Applicant Tracking System will enhance the position of your business. Leaving a positive impression on candidates means boosting your employer's brand.

Shortening the recruitment process allows employers to have more contact and interaction with candidates. Candidates feel cared for and appreciated, increasing the likelihood that they will receive a job offer from your business. Even with candidates who do not meet the requirements, a professional and timely rejection by the employer will earn the candidate's respect.

Overall, by optimizing the speed and quality of candidate information processing, the Applicant Tracking System will significantly improve recruitment efficiency for your business.


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5. Explore features of Aegona's recruitment software

To help businesses optimize the recruitment process, Aegona develops a solution called candidate profile management software/system. This system is not 100% automated because collecting CVs from input is very important. We realize that each CV has its strengths and weaknesses, so manual manipulation by the employer will be fair. equal for candidates, but in return the features in the software will help recruiters and businesses understand the number of candidates, which position the candidate belongs to, and which task from which businesses can control the number of candidates. pellets and processes

If your business is interested in recruitment software and wants to learn about the recruitment software provided by Aegona, please contact us via email: [email protected] or hotline +84 28 1709 2939.


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