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Trends in IT and Vietnam software outsourcing for 2023


Information technology and software outsourcing development continues to evolve over time and shows no signs of slowing down in the near term. Technology is evolving rapidly and for companies to stay ahead, they must be able to implement the latest IT trends or risk being left behind.

Software outsourcing development has played an important role in allowing businesses to take advantage of the ever-increasing changes in technology without going bankrupt. Hiring an offshore company not only gives you access to world-class experts, but it also costs less than hiring a local or local developer.


Various software development trends have paved the way and shaped the global market. This outsourcing and IT trends have been able to help business owners revolutionize the way they view their growth. It presents great opportunities but must be seized to ensure the success of your business.

Here are the top IT and outsourcing trends of 2023 that you can seize the opportunity to capitalize on.

  • The rise of narrowly specialized software outsourcing companies

Due to the increase in demand from partner companies, they prefer to deal with an outsourcing company located outside the region to enjoy many other advantages. This is why the demand for narrowly specialized firms has doubled and tripled over the years.

Business owners are always looking for outsourcing providers that produce the highest quality of work. Some companies have no problem working with multiple suppliers as long as the work is up to standard and the desired results are achieved. However, a large outsourcing company with a diverse team of professionals can give you an edge by allowing that company to handle all of your software development projects.

  • Enhanced experience with AI

Covid-19 is a significant leap in online shopping that has left businesses with a growing need to provide a better customer experience. Improving and providing a better User Experience (UX) for your customers will give them a positive experience and will most likely lead to repeat purchases.

This outsourcing trend will see significant growth this year. AI chatbot capabilities will be important in delivering a more personalized customer experience. We've seen AI chatbots replace human interactions

  • Blockchain Service

Blockchain technology is described in terms of data and provides security in many useful ways. Since there is no way to take away or discard the previous blocks, security is greatly enhanced. This data chain is very secure and cannot be controlled by any one entity, which means there is no need for a third party to monitor or validate transactions.

Blockchain technology can be deployed across a number of industries from finance to private ventures. That is why the demand for blockchain experts is constantly increasing. This is one of the top IT and software outsourcing trends and currently, there is a shortage of skilled blockchain experts.

  • Cloud computing

Demand for cloud support is also growing, with the majority of companies looking to outsource efficient cloud platforms. Data needs to be stored and cloud adoption is growing as businesses look for cloud solutions.

Along with cloud outsourcing services, there will also be a need for security services. This is because the number of public cloud platforms that allow data storage has skyrocketed.


Cloud computing
  • Digitizing Fintech, Healthcare, and Telecommunications industries

Some outsourcing trends have had an impact on certain industries leaving them with no choice but to go completely digitized. This includes the Fintech, healthcare, and telecommunications industries.

The Fintech industry will seek to integrate AI technology, blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer transactions to provide a more secure way to conduct business. Meanwhile, private and public hospitals will seek out outsourcing companies that provide AI and VR services. Virtual Reality powered by Artificial Intelligence will assist doctors and medical professionals to make better and faster diagnoses.

With the advent of 5G technology, the Telecom industry will rush to outsource services to complete their digital transformation. 5G can present a great opportunity by enabling connectivity to IoT networks.

  • Growing AR and VR market

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will have high growth and in 2023 will be the most sought-after outsourcing trend. VR puts the user in a specific environment, while AR seeks to improve that environment.

VR and AR technologies have become more pervasive in the gaming industry and create simulations for pilots, coastguards, and others to practice. However, we will see these technologies along with several others being implemented in the training, entertainment, education, marketing, and even rehabilitation services industries.


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