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The Power of Light Beams: Opening Doors for 6G Network


This article explores the breakthrough in China's space optical switching technology, paving the way for the deployment of high-speed 6G networks with impressive speed and efficiency. It provides a detailed assessment of the advantages, potential applications, and the technical challenges to overcome.

There's no denying that the development of information technology has significantly shaped our lives and driven remarkable progress. One of the crucial aspects of this journey is the ability to transmit data. Now, the power of light beams has emerged as a crucial element in elevating data transmission capabilities to new heights, accelerating the implementation of global 6G networks.

The breakthrough development from scientists at the Institute of Optics

A recent groundbreaking development comes from a group of scientists at the Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics within the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They have successfully announced a significant test with an innovative optical switching device that has the potential to completely revolutionize how we communicate via satellites. This breakthrough signifies a leap forward in the global deployment of 6G networks, bringing us closer to a future that was once only imaginable.

Launched into orbit by the Y-7 rocket in August 2023, China's optical switching device is a powerful machine capable of transmitting optical signals directly from one point to another without the need for intermediate electronic signal conversion. Its fundamental operation is similar to a reflecting mirror that redirects optical beams.

This technology has been termed "space optical switching" by Chinese scientists, with the remarkable feature of a transmission capacity of up to 40 Gb/s. To put it into perspective, modern satellite channels typically transmit data at a speed of only 1 Gb/s. This demonstrates the outstanding leap in satellite data transmission brought by this device.

The remarkable advantages of the optical switching device

One of the standout advantages of the optical switching device stems from the physical properties of light beams. Unlike traditional wireless waves used in conventional satellites, a bundle of light beams has a significantly broader frequency spectrum. This allows for significantly more data to be packed into a transmitted signal, offering a more efficient approach to high-speed data transmission.

Furthermore, the speed at which light travels is much faster than wireless waves. This means that signals are transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver in minimal time, optimizing the process of information transmission.

Chinese experts have been pursuing this project for over a decade, firmly believing that this new technology is essential for the development of the next-generation high-speed network, including ground stations and orbital satellites. Importantly, it is suitable for expanding and enhancing 5G and 6G networks.

However, several technical challenges must be addressed before this technology can be widely applied. Among these, ensuring high accuracy and stability of optical devices, along with reliable protection from radiation, are crucial considerations that need to be examined and resolved.

Source: Securitylab

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