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Top Leading Software Development Companies In Vietnam


Vietnam's Information and Technology (IT) industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This has been primarily linked to the development of the IT infrastructure, the advantageous business reforms, the improving logistics, and the regulatory environment. The increasing need for software solution services has also had an impact on the growth of software companies.

As a result, businesses looking to reduce fixed headcount costs can combine their strategic options by outsourcing software development from Vietnamese software companies. With a range of specialized goods and services, these software development firms support small, medium, and large corporate enterprises. Additionally, by demonstrating new trends in the cutthroat business world, software companies assist other related businesses. Using new technologies enables software development firms to enhance their offerings and bring them up to touch with global standards.

Why contract with a software company in Vietnam?

1. Low costs and high efficiency

Vietnam offers software development outsourcing at a 50% lower cost than China and India, according to Innotech. Anderson Vietnam also believes that each Vietnamese individual pays $20,000 a year in outsourcing. In India, on the other hand, the annual cost per person is $40,000. These figures are compelling enough to suggest that a software company based in Vietnam is the ideal option for offshore development projects going forward. India and Vietnam will have more expensive prices as Indian businesses enter the "maturing" stage of their business cycles. Over the coming years, Indian outsourcing expenses are probably going to rise.

2. Potential Workforce

Positive changes are being observed in Vietnam's human capital. The following are some of the best aspects of Vietnam's IT workforce in recent years:

  • The top 7 Asian nations with average EF EPIs are listed.

  • Top 5 Asian nations where English proficiency is improving the quickest.

  • Top 10 countries where learners from other nations come to study abroad.

  • The Human Capital Index of the top ten Asia-Pacific nations.

  • Top 10 in each region for both worldwide appeal and global knowledge and abilities.

The nation stands second in the SEA and among the top 30 in the world for fundamental academic abilities. Vietnam is a young country with a population of over 100 million, of which over 60% are under 30. As a result, the Vietnamese people, and particularly the Vietnamese workforce, are regarded as quick learners, dynamic, innovative, highly technologically savvy and open to making changes.

3. Knowledge & Skill

Since technology has a significant impact on all generations, an increasing number of STEM majors, organizations, and academies are opening to encourage youth to use and advance their technological and related skills. In the upcoming years, companies that outsource to Vietnam will have a great deal of software developers to choose from due to the country's rapidly developing and expanding IT education system. However, Vietnamese students are frequently complimented on how quickly they pick up new knowledge. As demonstrated by standardized test results, recommendations from international recruiters, honors, and awards, the majority have good to outstanding academic backgrounds. Thus, we'll compile a list of Vietnam's top software development firms that primarily serve the international market.

Why contract with a software company in Vietnam?

Top leading software companies in Vietnam

1. Software Company - Aegona Ltd

One of Vietnam's top Software Company is Aegona Ltd. It is renowned for offering its customers top-notch software development solution services. In comparison to other software developers in the same field, the company's reputation has grown to an unparalleled degree.

Aegona Ltd offers services in Web Development, Mobile app development, Cloud-based development, custom software development, offshore development center with all roles – all levels – all project types of Information and Technology, software development outsourcing, software testing service, software maintenance service, UI/UX Design service, API Intergration.

These services are essential in today’s world because they allow IT domains to integrate smoothly. Because its employees have extensive knowledge in the latest technological models, Orient has been able to provide first-rate services at a reasonable cost.

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2. Amela Technology

Another highly regarded Software Company in Vietnam offering software outsourcing services is Amela Technology. It was founded in 2019 It was founded in 2011, reaching a staff size of 300 members after only a few years of operation. With the goal of offering dependable, superior services. The company offers a variety of solutions that are valuable to various organizations and firms.

With the help of its highly experienced and agile team, Amela Technology develops Website development, Software development, E-commerce Web App development, Hire a Dedicated Team, Hire a Developer, Blockchain, AI, AI consulting, NLP), iOT, API Integration. Its main goal is to help clients maximize their profits while minimizing project costs. Amela Technology is among the greatest businesses to work with for your software needs because of this main objective.

3. Agile Tech VietNam

Founded in 2015, Agile Tech is a premier outsourcing provider in Vietnam. Its areas of expertise include big data services, blockchain services, and developing websites and mobile apps. Agile has made significant investments totaling millions of dollars, enabling it to collaborate with numerous startups to offer excellent technology services.

Agile is a ready service provider that can be trusted to pursue innovative concepts because of its transparent process and talented staff. Additionally, Agile Tech offers digital transformation consulting services because technological advancements are necessary. The consulting services that are provided can include anything from data reports to automated marketing that maximizes a company's potential.


In conclusion, Vietnam's Information and Technology (IT) industry has witnessed a remarkable surge, propelled by advancements in IT infrastructure, favorable business reforms, enhanced logistics, and a conducive regulatory environment. The escalating demand for software solutions has significantly contributed to this growth trajectory.

Highlighting some leading software companies in Vietnam underscores the nation's prowess in delivering top-notch services to the international market. Software company like Aegona Ltd, Amela Technology, and Agile Tech Vietnam stand out for their comprehensive offerings in various IT domains, ranging from web development to cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain.

These software companies, equipped with seasoned teams and a commitment to excellence, exemplify Vietnam's capacity to provide robust software solutions at competitive prices. With a vibrant IT ecosystem and a focus on innovation, Vietnam's software development sector continues to emerge as a powerhouse in the global tech landscape.


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Address: Orbital Building (QTSC Building 9), Quang Trung Software City, District 12, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

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