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Key Features and Functions of Advanced Logistics Management System


In the context of globalization and the continuous development of the transportation industry, effective management of freight processes has become crucial for businesses. Logistics management software have emerged as an advanced technological response, providing comprehensive support for businesses in managing, coordinating, and optimizing transportation activities.

In this article, Aegona will detail the logistics management system software and its major features, and explain how the software can support operations in the transportation and logistics sector.

What is Logistics Management System Software?

Logistics management system software is custom-designed to support companies in the transportation and logistics business. This software aims to optimize logistics - supply chains  management, and the transportation of large quantities of goods efficiently.

Each software is designed as a professional logistics management solution, integrating all necessary support functions. Using logistics software helps execute transportation-related activities such as planning, monitoring shipments, routing instructions, business data analysis and reporting, checking and paying shipping invoices, and many other tasks. As a result, transportation efficiency is enhanced, minimizing errors during the process.

Logistics management system software supports all necessary steps from ordering, container coordination, and vehicle management. Optimizing freight transportation is the ultimate goal, achieved comprehensively and efficiently, bringing sustainable and comprehensive development capabilities for businesses.

Benefits of Using Logistics Management System Software

Applying transport and logistics management systems in logistics is currently trusted by many businesses. Choosing a quality TMS solution allows businesses to leverage many practical advantages and values. Specifically:

  1. Cost Savings

Professional logistics management system software helps reduce costs for business operations. With functions such as analysis and optimization, the software reduces the required workforce, lowering labor costs. Work efficiency is improved, implementation time is shortened, ensuring optimal transportation business efficiency.

  1. Professional Transportation Management

Logistics software enables comprehensive management of the transportation process from start to finish. Managers can monitor transportation status, determine process status, and relevant information such as customers, employees, warehouses, order status, etc. This enhances management quality and achieves desired high results.

  1. Maximum Time Savings

Compared to traditional management methods that require complex and time-consuming operations, logistics software automates the supply chain, completing work on schedule and with high efficiency. Goods are transported quickly, optimizing cash flow speed, ensuring effective transportation operations.

  1. Improved Customer Reliability

Logistics software enhances the quality of transportation services, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate delivery processes. Customers can easily track orders, delivery times, and locations. This creates satisfaction and trust, helping businesses attract and retain customers.

  1. Enhanced Business Brand

Logistics software supports transportation business operations, helping businesses create a quality and complete supply chain. This allows businesses to compete strongly, attract potential customers, and retain existing customers. Establishing a strong brand and market position becomes easily achievable.

  1. Improved Transportation Business Efficiency

Logistics software integrates many useful functions such as tracking, controlling drivers, equipment, goods, and customers. This improves business efficiency, minimizes losses and errors. Detailed and timely information helps transportation services achieve high accuracy, meeting business needs.

  1. Minimizing Errors

Errors are inevitable in work, but logistics software helps minimize unnecessary errors. Functions such as tracking, invoice reconciliation, and automated payment and auditing processes enhance accuracy and reduce errors, ensuring expected work results.

Choosing a quality TMS solution allows businesses to leverage many practical advantages and values

Major Functions of Logistics Management Systems

To maximize the value of the software, essential support functions must be integrated and operated effectively. Here are the major functions of logistics management software for your reference and customization according to your requirements:

  1. Import Shipment Functions

Quality logistics software must ensure functions related to import shipments, including:

  • Issuing Debit Note, Credit Note, or Commission Note.
  • Recording Master Bill Of Lading, House Bill Of Lading for each order.
  • Price lists and detailed information on fees for each type of operation, agent, etc.
  • Exporting files to input lists of goods into CFS warehouses compatible with Vietnam Customs format.
  • Ensuring E-manifest compatibility with Vietnam Customs data format.
  • Providing Arrival Notice.
  • Providing delivery orders, authorization letters, receipt documents compatible with Vietnam ports or airports.
  • Reporting delivery order POD.
  • Detailed and aggregate reports on volume or profit.
  • Debt reports such as incurred costs, paid costs, collected amounts, balances, etc.
  1. Export Document Functions

Export document functions in supply chain management software must ensure:

  • Booking function.
  • Booking confirmation.
  • Recording and issuing Master Bill Of Lading.
  • Issuing House Bill Of Lading.
  • Exporting Shipping Advice.
  • Exporting Cargo Manifest.
  • Issuing Debit Note, Credit Note, and Commission Note.
  • Price lists and information on fees for each type of operation, route, or agent.
  • Detailed and aggregate reports on volume, profit for each order.
  • Debt reports such as incurred debts, collected amounts, balances, paid debts.
  1. Vessel Schedule Management Function

Transportation and freight management software need vessel schedule management functions, including:

  • Updating detailed and specific monthly vessel schedules in real-time.
  • Supporting detailed vessel schedule printing upon user request.
  1. Financial Accounting Function

The financial accounting function of logistics software supports various tasks, including:

  • Issuing invoices based on debit notes of each export, import, and logistics operation department.
  • Creating and printing payment orders from Credit Note.
  • Paying expenses, recording input invoices through Credit Note of each operation department.
  • Automatically updating receivable and payable balances through Debit Note and Credit Note.
  • Accounting for collection and payment transactions.
  • Offsetting agent, co-loader debts.
  • Accounting for management costs, sales costs, and other operations.
  • Managing fixed asset categories, depreciation, and prepaid expenses.
  • General accounting entries.
  • Aggregating input and output VAT invoices and periodic VAT reports.
  • Accurate and detailed accounting records.
  • Financial reports from tax reports to internal reports.
  1. Financial Data Analysis Support Function

Logistics application software should also have financial data analysis functions, including:

  • Detailed analysis of revenue and costs of each department, product category such as inbound, outbound, and logistics, branches or subsidiaries.
  • Supporting business activity balancing and adjustment for efficiency, helping transportation services to be provided effectively and businesses to develop strongly.
Logistics management system software supports all necessary steps from ordering, container coordination, and vehicle management.

Aegona – Specialized Logistics Software Development Company

With 6 years of establishment, Aegona specializes in supporting clients in digital transformation in the logistics field in Vietnam. We provide comprehensive software design and development services for businesses, ensuring they can operate well on various platforms and devices such as web apps, mobile apps (iOS Android), TV, computers, etc. Besides Vietnam, we have experience providing transportation projects for many clients in developed logistics countries like Viet Nam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

If you wanna a TMS or Transportation & logistics apps like Tookan, Blackbuck, Delhivery, EazyStockFor, v.v, you can contact us at the information below for detail consultant.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: Office: (+84) 28 7109 2939. Hotline: (+84) 91 451 8869 | (+84) 83 940 5469
WhatsApp: (+84) 91 451 8869 
Address: Orbital Building (QTSC Building 9), Quang Trung Software City, District 12, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

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On June 6, 2024, Aegona and QTSC held a meeting to discuss potential collaboration opportunities between the two companies in the field of digital transformation and IT services. The meeting took place at Aegona's headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and attracted the participation of leadership representatives from both businesses.



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