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Best Mobile App Development Company In Vietnam – Best Price


Are you looking for top vietnam app developers? aegona - we are highly experienced mobile application development company in vietnam, ho chi minh city

Aegona are the top Application Development Outsourcing Company in Vietnam. We design to bring the best products to customers. We have earned a dignified niche in the global arena for providing world-class mobile app development solution in terms of quality and cost. Learn more about Mobile App Development Process and Aegona Company through the article below

In today’s fast-paced economy, many opportunities knock to earn quick money or to establish a new technology-based business. One of that widely used opportunity is mobile application development. But before jumping onto this highly competitive market, consider following the mobile application development process for your reference


Best Mobile Application Development Company In Vietnam - Best Price


1. Have An Idea: 
The need to develop a mobile application arises when you have an idea for a business, or you already have an established company. If you do not have any idea yet and still want to earn through a mobile application business, you can grow a habit of looking at various kinds of problems and coming up with a potential solution. By some time, you might come up with an idea which is in need by end users or customers

2. Strategy Building: 
The next step to initializing the mobile app development process is to assess the related factors to your idea or your business. These factors are market analysis, competitor analysis, monetization (Pricing of product or service), marketing of the mobile application, and a road map to the future. These assessments will reflect the value of your idea or business

Moreover, it will help you define your project milestones, collaborators or vendor management and customer base to target

3. User – Experience Designs:
Now, after your analysis, next is hiring the best mobile app development company in Vietnam. As many companies are working in mobile application development, it will be easy for you to choose one based on your budget. The company you hire starts with your requirements and based on that user-experience designs are initiated. It includes representing your business features in information architecture, wire-frames which connect every feature to the home of your mobile application and lastly, the company send you a click-through model on which is adjusted based on your suggestions and liking

4. User – Interface Designs: 
This step of the development process includes UI/UX designs of the mobile app. The drawings always convey a message or a vision so those designs should be aligned with your vision for your business idea. The company gives you multiple options while finalizing the models such as logo designs, mobile app homepage designs, other pages designs, marketing, flyers, and posts designs. Further, these designs must match your theme for the business

5. Design – To – Development:
o Front – End- The designs on the previous step become your front-end of the mobile application. There are basically, three approaches to  building the front end of your mobile app: Platform specific native, cross-platform native and Hybrid platform

 o Back – End-  The back-end of your mobile application works for high performance and scalability. It includes which programming language to use for coding, database storage, and API hosting or infrastructure of the entire technical process of the mobile application

6. Testing & Review: 
After the development phase of your mobile application is complete, the bets testing of the final app is conducted by the mobile developers you hired. Based on test results, changes are made which result in our next phase of the mobile application development process

7. Deployment:
Finally, your project is launched in the respected market. If you have opted to build for every mobile platform such as Apple store, Google play store, or Windows, then mobile app development company will guide you through the process

Aegona mobile application development - the perfect partner for you

Aegona is a well-known name in Vietnam for an excellent mobile app development service. Hire our mobile application developers who have extensive skills and knowledge in the development of mobile apps in the iOS & Android platform that have accumulated great download rates on major app stores in a very short time


Aegona has open arms to creative ideas and business plans that can help both the parties to prosper. As a result of joining forces with us, our clients were able to explore their business, attract new customers, and generate new revenue sources. We provides the best solution that fits the standards of a great mobile application and an ecosystem to create maximum impact on your users

App development strategy lays on the road map of your business app, We help to make a clear strategy for your Mobile App business flourish economically. Our clients are always extremely happy with our work, citing our in -house team of app developers in Ho Chi Minh city as the reason. Our developers take great pride in their work, delivering top notch products with strict adherence to deadlines and quality, making sure you are completely satisfied. This makes Aegona the best destination for App development throughout Vietnam


The dedicated development team at Aegona has developed hybrid applications for many brands and businesses in the field of transportation, online business, real estate, booking, membership, geolocation tracking, and many logistic companies. We are best known for the cross-platform app development where we use the latest tools for the development of the application. We are focused on developing applications that not only fits the standard of the client but is also qualitative for the end-users


We hope you can find the best partner for your business. Take a look at our portfolio to see the full range of projects our professionals have tackled. To discuss your idea — leave us a message via:

  •  +84 28 71092939    |   Hotline: +84 933 848989
  • Fanpage: Aegona Ltd
  •  Floor 4th QTSC Building 9, Quang Trung Software City, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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