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Aegona Team Trip 2020 “Moving Ahead Together” – Enjoy The Beach In Mui Ne, Phan Thiet


Aegona "moving ahead together" - enjoy team building trip in mui ne, phan thiet 2020

Aegona has come a long way since its inception. Throughout the development process, there was the continuous contribution of the Aegona member -  the hard-working bees with many large and small projects that have been successfully deployed, across Vietnam and outside. Each result is created, whenever more or less are extremely cherished. With the support from the Board of Company, from 30/10/2020 to 1/11/2021, We held a team building trip for everyone in Hon Rom, Mui Ne is a nice resort area in Phan Thiet. Leaving behind the chaos and the hustle of life, the Aegona's car have been stopped at one of the most famous beaches in Vietnam.

On the morning of 30/10, the cars carrying nearly 40 staffs started from Ho Chi Minh City, proceeding to Mui Ne in joyful, eagerly of many Aegona members. Each trip brings different experiences with excitement. This year, the presence of many outstanding and refreshing has proven the growth of Aegona, as the boat is ready to “Moving Ahead Together”

Aegona Team in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

On the afternoon of 30/10 and 31/10, in the golden sunshine and the sound of the waves, the team building activities officially took place twice times. This trip of Aegona brings the spirit of "Moving Ahead Together", meaning each Aegona member has its own color, but the heart is still in the same beat, towards the development of the company. Team building is part of useful activities that the Organizing Committee dedicated to the “Aegona hard-working bees”. The program was very exciting with the enthusiastic participation of everyone

Aegona Company trip
The 2020 tour team building the spirit of "Moving Ahead Together"
Team building activities were exciting on Mui Ne beach
Team building activities were exciting on Mui Ne beach

Continuing the tour program in Mui Ne, early in the morning of October 31st, we had a tour to one of the most beautiful sand dunes in Mui Ne, named Bau Trang. Here, everyone had a lot of beautiful pictures and memories in the sand slide game.

Aegona Team on Bau Trang sand dunes

On the evening of October 31th, the Party Dinner took place in the warm atmosphere, with a view of the sea. This party aims to connect people to interact and celebrate the achievements of the teams that have won in team building games.

Party Dinner in Mui Ne

Before finishing this 3 day 2 night trip, on the morning of November 1, we were allowed to visit RD wine castle located on the most beautiful sea road in Phan Thiet. At there, we learn more about wine and taste it. This is a really beautiful place with strong investment

Aegona's Hot Girls

Goodbye to the call of the "blue sea, white clouds, yellow sunshine", the Aegona’s car rolled back to HoChiMinh City. The company trip has ended, but the memory of the happy, warm and memorable moments will surely keep going on in the hearts of every member. After ending the holidays, Aegona members will return to their work with an enthusiasm and dedication, ready for the new projects.

End of the trip, wish each member will be full of energy to continue working together to build the company more and more advanced and go further!

P/S: Thank AGS Travel has supported this trip a success

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