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The Guide to Hiring React.js Developers in Vietnam

How to Find & Hire Top React Developers? This article will cover both approaches, give you a list of skills to look for, outline interview questions for a React.js candidate, and provide approximate salary expectations from Vietnam Hiring the right React.js developers for your project can be a long and unnerving process. Because React.js happens to…

Aegona Team Building 2020 – Bowling Matches & Enjoy Conveyor Belt Hotpot

After social distancing days by coronavirus, Aegona team have enjoyed our team building day at Pandora City Shopping Center, Ho Chi Minh city At here, Aegona divided into 04 teams by drawing lots, then compete with each other to choose the strongest team to win 3.000.000 VNđ [caption id="attachment_2535" align="aligncenter" width="1276"] Team 01 Name: Anti Bugs…

Software Outsourcing Services For Efficiency In VietNam – Microsoft Development

Aegona - Software Outsourcing Services For Efficiency In VietNam. Contact us today & discuss, how we can develop a mutually beneficial and long term relationship This involvement of an outside source is known as software outsourcing development. The outsourced programmer then handles all the problems that the company face related to the software of the company and…