What is the Cost of Mobile App Development in Vietnam? [Updated]

You must be wondering how much does Mobile App Development cost in Vietnam ? Whether it is ordering food, booking a flight, chatting with your friends or reserving a cab, the one thing that comes to the mind is your smartphone

It is the same for the rest of the world too

Mobile apps have become a need of the hour to capture the huge market that is rapidly going mobile. So, if you’re worried about how to make an app for your business, that makes sense. After all, you don’t want a cost-to-cost price list that is exorbitant

The smartphone technology has reached a whole new level due to the increase in demand for the latest mobile apps that can make the operation convenient and user-friendly. As more volume of the population is shifting to mobile phones for Internet surfing and performing small tasks, developing mobile apps in Vietnam is at an all-time high. There are apps to perform almost all the functions like shopping, social media, providing information on many topics/fields, etc

According to Statista, there will be close to 4.68 billion smartphone users in the world by 2019. So, If you are planning to build a mobile app in Vietnam and looking for a reasonable rate? Then, you have landed on the right page. Let us make it clear to you that app creation in Vietnam is cheaper in comparison to the Asia, but still, you need to shell out a lot of money to make the app developers work for you. This is one of the reasons that many apps are outsourced from Vietnam-based mobile app development firms

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What is the Cost of Mobile App Development in Vietnam?

Coming to the price of developing a mobile app worldwide, the companies generally charge on an hourly basis. The average hourly cost of an app starts from as low as $10 and goes up to $250 per hour. Vietnam has the lowest cost, while the North American developers charge the highest.

Relying on several factors, there are different kinds of apps that are made for certain price tags based on the requirements of the clients. Also, these apps can be made for many different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and HTML5. Below is the list of aspects that vary the cost of application development

  • Type of app
  • Designing
  • Prototyping
  • Complexity
  • Platform (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Quality and Speed
  • Customization
  • Developer Requirement
  • Development Time



Currently in Vietnam there are thousands of software companies opened, but to choose a suitable and reputable partner is not easy. Therefore, we introduce our company - Aegona Ltd as the leading best mobile app development in Vietnam

All these variables generally decide how much the app will cost. Alongside the type of apps, the cost varies based on the complexity and features used in it. Now, let us classify the apps into different types to make things easier for your understanding

1. Simple or Informative Mobile Application

2. eCommerce or Service Mobile Application

3. Unique Mobile Applications (Marketplace Apps)

4. Multi-user Mobile Applications

5. User Productivity Mobile Applications

6. Business Process Mobile Applications

Therefore, Aegona will be based on the type of mobile application you want to build and we will send you the best cost!

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Vietnam has a low cost of development as compared to other countries, and that’s why it can be considered over other demographics to get your mobile app developed. A lot of companies look to outsource their app development work to such places that charge less. And Vietnam has the cheapest development costs across the globe

This article gives you an insight into different types of apps in Singapore. Before hiring a company to develop an app for you, have a proper check on some factors like the experience of the employees, coding language and their ability to understand your business model & target audience.

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