The True Cost of Hiring Developers in the Asia | VietNam, China, Singapore, India

To know how much it really costs to hire a software developer in India, Vietnam, China, Singapore read more details in this post. Let's consider the actual costs of hiring developers.

Most of the budget in software development consists of developer wages. However, if you work using the IT outsourcing model, this factor becomes less critical in forming the development rates.

Software developer salary in the United States differs significantly from those, for example, in Asia. Consequently, hiring a remote team, a customer can reduce costs several times without losing quality.

How to calculate hourly rate

To do this, you need to determine the number of hours worked per day (8 for a full-time employee) and multiply them by the total number of working days per year (250 in 2021 in the United States).

Then, divide the annual salary by that number.

For example, based on Indeed’s annual salary data, the average developer hourly rate in the US is: $110,390 / (8 * 250) = $55 / hour.

The price difference between hiring and contracting

Determining whether a person is an independent contractor or an employee is important because it determines whether payroll taxes are withheld. You must withhold payroll taxes from employee salaries, but you do not withhold taxes from payments to independent contractors (except VAT for contractors located in the same jurisdiction).

VAT varies from country to country, but on average is about 20%.

Let’s consider two options:

In the case of working with independent contractors, it’s simple – you pay them the agreed hourly rate or project amount.

In the case of hiring a full-time employee, besides the hourly rate you also pay additional costs:

  • Bonuses;
  • Taxes;
  • Benefits;
  • Training costs;
  • Infrastructure costs.

Each country has its own legislation, but such costs, according to MIT, can reach on average from 25 to 40% in addition to the hourly rate.

Based on this, the developer’s annual salary turns from $110,390 to $110,390 + $44,156 (35% of 110 000) = $154,546 or $77 per hour.

*You can determine the amount of additional costs by examining the legislation of your country.

The True Cost Of Hiring Developers in The Asia

Prominent Outsourcing Destinations in Asia

  • India

This Asian country rides on its high population to provide inexpensive software development services of $25 and $50 per hour. This low cost however, comes at an expense of lower levels of skilled manpower.

  • China

China offers moderate rates (quite similar to Eastern Europe) and a vast talent pool of qualified IT professionals. Despite the quite affordable offshoring rates of $35–$60 per hour, China’s weak IP protection, however, poses a barrier for making the most of offshoring opportunities in this country. The Chinese government supports the IT industry by providing economic incentives and investing in technology parks where software experts are nurtured. The cost to hire app developers in the Philippines ranges from 8 to 40 USD/hour. Average rate – 20 USD/hour.

  • Vietnam

The cost to hire software developers in Vietnam ranges from 10 to 40 USD/hour. Average rate – 20 USD/hour. Vietnam is a new emerging market and an investment in the country is worthwhile with a 30% to 40% less expenses than China.

In 2017, Vietnam software outsourcing industry is ranked in top 10 of outsourcing destination in the world.

  • Singapore

The cost to hire app developers in Singapore ranges from 25 to 60 USD/hour. Average rate – 35 USD/hour.

The cost of hiring app developers in Southeast Asia is the lowest in the world. However, the more economically developed Singapore and Vietnam clearly stands out among other countries.


In Vietnam, though offering a vast educational opportunities, a prominent part of the IT education is focused on extracurricular junior and advanced training courses. Some companies offer free education with further employment opportunities. In total, more and more IT specialists graduate from the universities and private schools every year

Vietnam software and IT companies follow the global trends and tend to focus on science-based technology advancements exhibiting a lot of interest in Big Data & AI, mobile development, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. One more peculiarity of the destination is the prevailing number of Senior developers over Middle and Junior software specialists. The expertise level of the specialists allow outsourcing companies to contribute to the success of the projects for leading fintech companies. Vietnam is also considered one of the best countries to outsource web development. Front-end skills along with Java, PHP programming are well-established areas with numerous successful web products


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Building and sustaining an in-house team is expensive. In the long run, the costs of hiring talent, onboarding employers, investing in talent management software, paying office rent and electricity bills are considerably higher than that of working with an outsourcing React.js development company on a project basis.

Outsourcing React development in Vietnam is another efficient way to reduce development costs. A junior React.js developer based in Vietnam earns between $12 and $18/hour, so the project development costs are quite competitive compared to Southeast Asia. On average, Vietnam developers ’hourly rates are twice as low as those of their counterparts


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