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We based on the features that real restaurants want so first learn more about what is online ordering system and the reservation booking software

What is an online ordering system?

An online food ordering system is software that allows restaurant businesses to accept and manage orders placed via a website or mobile app

✓  Definition

An online food ordering system can be defined as software that allows restaurant businesses to accept and manage orders placed over the internet.

Online ordering systems generally consists of 2 main components. First is a website or mobile app for hungry customers to view the restaurant's dishes and place an online order. Second is an admin management interface for the restaurants to receive and manage the customer's orders.

✓  Website & App

Online Ordering Website Display

The customer ordering website or app will generally have several key requirements to function adequately. These requirements are:

  • Accessible across all devices from tablets to PCs.
  • Easily search the restaurant's menu and see what is available
  • Configure their order type such as delivery or pickup
  • Choose when they would like to receive the order
  • Make online payments via credit card, bank transfer, etc.
  • Stay up to date on the status of the orders they have placed
  • View all their past orders and quickly re-order their favourite items

✓  Admin Management Interface

The admin management interface is a crucial part of an online ordering system. It's responsible for notifying the restaurants of new orders and helping them manage the order fulfilment process. The key requirements of this are:

  • Accessible across all devices for easy use in-store and on the move
  • Real-time order management interface that allows restaurants to see which orders to prepare
  • The ability to have staff accounts to restrict access for staff usage
  • Easy to understand settings and configuration options to tune the system
  • An array of notification methods to keep the restaurant up to date on new orders

What an Online Reservation/Booking System Is?

An online booking system is a piece of a software used for reservation management. It allows travel and hospitality businesses to accept bookings online and manage mobile and personal bookings in a better way. Online booking systems provideаll features оf self-service роrtаls. Users book services based оn the open dаtes suggested bу the system

Online Reservation/Booking System

Online booking and reservation system can be easily integrated into your website or even social media page. Customers simply visit your site, choose the service they would like to book, and fill out a booking form. After that, they pay via a payment gateway which transfers the payment to you. The whole process takes just a few minutes for the first time booking and even less for repeat bookings

Implementation of the online booking system on your website can give you certain business advantages over the competitors. Here are just a few of them:

  • Increase in bookings and reservation
  • Easier and Faster Payments
  • Mobility
  • Smarter insights into the business
  • SMS and e-mail automation


An online ordering and booking/reservation system simplifies the booking process for you and your customers by automating such operations as getting customer details, updating booking information, payment, scheduling, and many others. It helps to retain customers on your website since they can see available options and book the one they need without switching between numerous pages and services and without the need to make phone calls. So, if you want tо take advantage оf the modern way of doing foody business, integrating an online ordering and booking/reservation system with your website is а must.

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