Hiring professional and high-qualified software development teams dedicatedly contributing to the success of our outstanding projects constantly challenges global business.

Let’s keeping up with Aegona to figure out why Asia is the best choice for software outsourcing and offshoring all the time.

Technology spreads out to every corner of the world

OrleansMarketingGroup states that up to 40% of the world population becomes more and more familiar with the internet and technology, over 8 billion devices go online by 2020, especially more than 570 novel websites are created every minute, etc.

Source: OrleansMarketingGroup

Moreover, in terms of international business, thanks to the unlimitedly dynamic development of high technology, organizations actively run and trade their outstanding projects worldwide. However, there have been implying challenges in terms of in-house Human Resources when the work is overload, which leads the global market to consider Asia as the top priority thanks to its high-qualified software engineers but more competitive and cost-effective service.

Service Rates brings Asia closer to the Global Market

According to Accelerance, excepting South and Southeast Asia, the other regions have the wage rate range from at least USD $17 (for Manual Quality Assurance Engineer) to up to USD $125 per hour, which puts various pressure on the organization's budget and distracts the organization from their core business in the long term.

Source: Accelerance

Therefore, the professional and high-qualified but competitive markets such as Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc. obviously become promising destinations for large international cooperations to outsource and offshore our software development projects in terms of websites and mobile applications (Android, iOS, etc.). When project-based outsourcing primarily depends on our Software Partner Company, Offshore Development Center (ODC) is one of the top priority services that every on-site team member dedicates their passions and professions as a part of the organization, and obviously under our management. With ODC, the company is able to customize and develop our own suitable team based on the current demands including Project Manager (PM), Business Analyst (BA), UI/UX Designer, Software Developer, Tester (Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Engineer), and Technology Expert. Especially, thanks to their prolonged experience, the dedicated teams from outsourcing software companies are proficient in Agile/Scrum as well as the Waterfall process.

What makes Offshore the top priority choice?

Beside Outsourcing, Offshore benefits the organization in numerous ways. As reported by Deloitte, there are many attractive ratios of the reasons why companies choose to outsource or offshore their projects, 59% to decrease costs, 57% to concentrate on major business competencies, 47% to handle capacity problems, 31% to improve service quality, 28% to acquire an outstanding professional to support, 28% to access to intellectual capital, etc.

Source: Deloitte

Foremost, Cost-effectiveness and Short-term commitment are considered to be the top precious reasons motivating enterprises to choose ODC. Just imagine, from recruiting to training a novel software engineer or developer, the whole process charges organizations a lot, which has not mentioned about the other related costs in terms of insurance, overtime, etc. In this case, the offshore development team obviously overpowers the in-house, lower cost but highest quality assurance. Secondly, thanks to the offshore team, the enterprise more actively focuses on enhancing the productivity of core competencies.

On the other hand, there is some potential confusion about working with the on-site team, also such as lack of control, communication, and quality concerns. However, the top reliable, responsible, and professional IT service providers are able to oversee and commit to preventing or at least minimizing unexpected outcomes. For instance, there have been diverse project management and support tools such as JIRA, Trello, Slack, etc. for stakeholders to communicate and work together as well as real-time keep track of the project quality. Especially, Asian manpower is now confident with English for serving as global software engineers and developers. As a result, comparing to the gains, it is worth trying at least once.


In a nutshell, optimizing profit for prolonging development is constantly the top priority for every enterprise that Outsourcing and Offshoring are here to support the company simplifying the process and approach the success. Just relax, find the most reliable outsourcing partner, concentrate all of our precious time on the core business, and lead the world.

Aegona Software Company is potentially your best software development partner

If you are looking for the best and highest-qualified offshore or outsourcing software company satisfying all of the above standards to partner and hire software development teams, Aegona Software Company (Vietnam) is worth your consideration. Having been successfully delivering more than 95 projects to more than 80 clients in 12 nations and confidently appearing on the top of your search results, Aegona is a hundred percent confident in providing you with the best-dedicated software development teams.

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